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I get a lot of questions from both new and experienced sellers. Don't let anyone tell you that selling anything on your own website is inexpensive, sure renting a website for ten dollars a month won't break the bank, but in order for you to actually make a decent amount of sales, you will need to spend hundreds of hours marketing it, and thousands of hours creating it. All the hours you will have to devote to selling online could have been spent at a regular day job making actual cash in your pocket.
If his plan works - and given how many customers don't comparison shop, that's a big if - his direct Ripple Rug 2 sales will overtake eBay Amazon Accounts the Amazon sales of Ripple Rug 1. And as his Amazon sales drop, the original will become less attractive to arbitragers.
When I make the purchase, the person behind AFarAwayGalaxy simply goes to Amazon and buys a Ripple Rug - but instead of buying it for themselves, they designate it as a gift and have it shipped to me. Because I paid $9.52 above the Amazon price, that's profit, which AFarAwayGalaxy can keep (minus Paypal and eBay fees).

As all of you know, when we are dropshipping on eBay, we always want to get more eBay accounts that can help us to extend our business , have more products, testing new eBay strategies and a lot more things, but the question is how to do it without getting suspended on eBay.
Andrew began his first importing business in 2005 at 19. Graduating as a double major with High Distinction from the Carlson School at 20, Andrew now owns and operates four businesses related to manufacturing, importing, private labeling, wholesale distribution, retail sales and third party marketplaces.

Although it is true that selling shirts online was wonderful idea fifteen or twenty years ago, when not many people had thought of it yet, times have changed, the Internet is no longer a new thing and your have an awful lot of competition to deal with.
It's no wonder that so many other online commerce businesses are chasing the marketplace model, which essentially creates transactions on two fronts for the platform operator, thereby improving margins that might be cut by not selling items directly.

Let's say you did buy that knife for $7.99 and assume you are bold and sold it at a 20% markup of what he is selling it on eBay ie $12 (20% of $10) you would still only be making $4 minus fees ( paypal, eBay etc) and you might only come out with $2-3 profit.
Amazon - you want to run a professional e-commerce business and reach a massive audience, are looking for a platform that offers lots of services to make business easier, and don't mind adjusting to a strong (and sometimes unfairly biased) buyer-centric approach to business.
These include automotive parts and tools, business products, collectible coins, jewelry, fine art, foodstuffs of any kind, industrial and scientific equipment, luggage and travel accessories, computers, professional services, sports collectibles, video recordings, and watches.

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