With the trio you have all the elements for great Caribbean music with the tenor pan, second pan and bass pan which come together to produce the classic Steel Band sound. It is also possible to have a 2 piece band to suit smaller budgets and playing area. The performances can be played as background music or the main music entertainment for the eve… Read More

The airlift continued for 11 months, with 213,000 flights operated by six countries bringing in 1.7 million tons of food and fuel to Berlin. Faced with the failure of its blockade, the Soviet Union relented and reopened land corridors to the West. Though LeMay is sometimes publicly credited with the success of the Berlin Airlift, it was, in fact, i… Read More

Suitable for temperature-sensitive, perishable, large and small goods shipment applications. Freight broker and transportation services for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. LTL shipping, third-party logistics and trucking services are offered.However, Uber Freight now requires drivers to submit several pieces of documentation in order to … Read More

Spends more than 50% of the time performing the same work as the team they are leading. Performs a lead role on the team while working alongside the show site freight staff laborers. Plays a lead role on smaller shows consisting of less than 100,000 lbs. Our integrated full-service solutions leverage a 100-year legacy in event management as well as… Read More

They listened to by challenges and provided practical solutions at competitive rates. Phoenix Logistics will take on the transportation coordination responsibilities as your lead logistics provider to facilitate all of your transportation requirements to and from our facility. By working with our carrier partners, we can provide some of the most co… Read More