Lijar Y Barnizar Parquet

Welcome to Rover Parquets Flotants flooring and wallcovering distributor. By linking LOBA with Wakol, we have managed to provide our company with an extremely sustainable perspective and pave the way for my succession early on. The international operations of the ARDEX Group offer excellent opportunities to continue growing and to lead LOBA into a successful future”, says Managing Partner Michael Fischer about the new structure.
As the foam shows a very good resistance against water, fats, oils and aliphatic solvents it can also be used for the sealing of packaging of aqueous-based products for technical applications, glycols, oils, aliphatic solvents and solid filling materials.

WAKOL D 3465 Special Adhesive is suitable for the manufacture of shoe shafts and insoles by hiding all common leather, cushioning and lining materials. The LOBA brand enjoys a distinguished reputation and stands for technical competence, premium products and outstanding service.
Regarding consumer protection, WAKOL MS 315 Cast Resin, WAKOL MS 262 Parquet Adhesive, firm-elastic and WAKOL MS 552 PVC- and Rubber Adhesive are all classified as „very low emissions. Wakols further business segments Industrial Adhesives and Sealing Compounds will also continue increase without change.

With proven sustainable bamboo products, MOSO® offers a natural, fast-growing alternative for flooring, decking, wall-covering, beams, boards and worktops, which meets the highest requirements in terms of use, safety and hardness. The Heritage Madrid Hotel is an oasis in the heart of Madrid where you can experience unique experiences surrounded by details of classic elegance, with 19th century furniture and the exclusive service of the staff.
For 80 years Wakol stands for Quality and Customer service. The Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid hotel offers function rooms for social events and corporate meetings and provides a team of great professionals at your full disposal who will look after every detail so that your event will be a success.
The modern reaction adhesive for resilient flooring it is possible for the first time to securely install critical flooring with a 1-component MS adhesive which previously presupuesto acuchillar parquet had to be done with 2-component PU adhesives. Through this cooperation both companies will increase their expertise in the business segment flooring systems.

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