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In China he was a masseur at an International Fencing club in Beijing, a casual masseur for the Hungarian Men’s Sabre Fencing team, a leading USA Ice Hockey team and a Ligue 2 French football team. He has gained a wealth of Chinese massage canberra experience and how to be able to adapt his skills to the needs of the client. Still today his biggest joy comes from seeing patients recover and regain their full physical capacity, this is the driving force behind Yi.
At the Chinese Treatment Centre located in the Canberra suburb on Turner, we believe that good health can be achieved by restoring harmony and maintaining balance within the body. We use Acupuncture and massage technique as natural therapies based on the holistic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine . There’s a great massage therapist in Florey – across from the shops. They specialise in remedial massage and in particular for pregnant women (although that’s hardly a remedy I suppose!). Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments area below for our readers to check out. A Canberra massage therapy business has been gutted by a fire that police are treating as suspicious. Business owner/operator Katy Yu is a hand on massage therapist and will certainly take care of your needs.

Many people try Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as natural way with happy treatment. For complex medical problems, you will find that it may help it when other treatments could not. If you’re looking for more information on massage centres, check out our articles on the best remedial massage centres and best sports massage therapists in Canberra. Since 1999, the Chinese Treatment Centre has helped patients overcome a whole range of medical issues. Alongside their traditional Chinese treatments, they also offer a variety of massage services. Sharing – Always tell your massage therapist about any health problems you have, or any aches and pains, so they can tailor the treatment to meet your needs.
We offer a wide ranges of massage in affordable price that replicate the famous Thai massage atmosphere right to you in Canberra City. At present, Matt’s professional skill set includes deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, muscle energy technique, Swedish massage, pregnancy massage and myofascial release. Matt is passionate about helping people of all ages to create, maintain and express their own unique healthy and active lifestyle. For her, being able to help people release emotional and physical stress, resolve pain and see a smile and an expression of total relaxation as a result is priceless. Whilst enjoying the seven months of her internship in Nanjing China in 2002, she developed an interest in using acupuncture and herbs for woman’s health. After some further studies in China in 2012 she focused on “unexplained infertility” specifically IVF assistance.

Takako is our most experienced remedial massage therapist and has exceptional skills and an intuitive style. Takako’s treatments are nurturing, relaxing and centering combining her knowledge of western and eastern massage as well as Bowen therapy. Chinese massage is an excellent remedial therapy that uses different hand techniques and soft-tissue manipulation in order to relax muscle and relieve pain. Our clinic mostly uses massage to complement an acupuncture treatment. Tui Na is used to correct the problems the patient may experience whole body tension and mental stress.
at UTS, then returning to Canberra to study a Diploma of Herbal medicine and a Yoga Teaching Diploma. A masseur has walked out of a Canberra court a free man after a magistrate found him not guilty of groping and kissing a customer on the massage table earlier this year. Xishan Liu sobbed with relief and hugged supporters after Magistrate Peter Dingwall handed down his decision in the ACT Magistrates Court yesterday morning. The 35-year-old Chinese massage therapist had pleaded not guilty to committing an act of indecency on the woman. During an earlier hearing, the complainant told the court Mr Liu spread her buttocks apart forcefully before grabbing her breast and kissing her mouth. The alleged incident occurred while the woman was having a massage at the Woden plaza in March this year.
Inside you will find taping demos, educational material, sports injury info, winter offers and much more. There is plenty of injury information and guides to help the clinician and the individual get the best product for their problem, with the added comfort of knowing you can contact us direct for more information. We have skilled staff and qualified physios that are more than happy help you out. Please ensure you have a diagnosis from your healthcare practitioner first so that we can help guide you with the right product for your problem. Owned and operated by Sports Physios with over 25 years of clinical experience APE Medical is the rehab products supplier run by clinicians for the clinician. Police arrested 17 people during an anti-lockdown protest in Hyde Park on Saturday, the same day the UK recorded 57, 725 new COVID-19 infections. Mandatory mask restrictions are in place across Sydney shopping centres, places of worship, entertainment venues and public transport.

For precaution, I 'm appling single use and sanitized bed towels,and surfaces will be cleaned after each patient with 75% alcohol or Gen20 disinfection. In addition to this, I will be wearing a face mask, and suggest that you do the same especially if this situation worsens in Canberra. Some experts advise as often as weekly, but even monthly Chinese massages can work wonders for your wellbeing. Essentially what we're going for is an easy, seamless wellness experience. We'd love to help you out, whether that's your next Massage appointment or our best spa recommendation.
She has a special interest in helping people with natural fertility, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and general well being. Wes was drawn to working in the field of health and healing through his experiences practicing Yoga and in particular meditation.

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